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About us

Australian Independent Financial Advisers (AIFA) Pty Ltd is an independent financial services company with offices in Perth, Melbourne and Canberra.

Map of AustraliaWe are entirely independent so the advice we provide is free of conflict. Other firms refer to themselves as being ‘independently owned’ but cannnot call themselves independent because their fees are based on the products they sell or how much money their clients have (they take a slice of their wealth), not on how much advice their clients need.

We receive no payments from third parties. We rebate all commissions, we receive no incentive payments from platform providers and we don’t receive any finders fees.

The only fees that we receive are directly from our clients (you), so we are free to focus on providing the best advice rather than just advice with a reasonable basis.

Our investment philosophy employs an evidenced based approach that reduces volatility in portfolios and consistently provides higher returns than the average investor. Fund managers and stockbrokers want you to believe that a crystal ball exists. We will show you that not only is their crystal ball broken, you don’t even need one to be a successful investor.

We work hard to educate our clients – we believe our role is to ‘turn the light on’ rather than keep you in the dark with respect to investing your money. By educating our clients, they remain motivated and disciplined which leads to success – and we love working with successful people.

Independence, passive investing and education are the three core beliefs that all AIFA advisers are passionate about. In our view, if you obtain advice which is not free of conflict, it is simplay a sales pitch masquerading as advice.

Each of our advisers has a story to tell; a reason which not only lead them to this approach but why we believe that this isn’t just one way of providing advice, it’s the only way.

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