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Our core values

Your well-being will be put ahead of our own

It is common in this profession for advisers to have conflicts of interest – they may be paid more for giving advice which is not in your best interest. The only fees we are paid are from you. This means that our loyalty is to you. We put your needs first which sadly is a rare thing in this day and age.

According to Brett Walker’s independent advice website ( as at 1 August 2009, Travis, Matt and Daniel are three of only 14 genuinely independent financial advisers in Australia.

The advice we provide to you will be based on evidence and research

We believe very strongly in following the evidence where it leads, regardless of dogmas, agendas and self interest. Money management can appear very complicated due to the sheer amount of contradictory and often questionable information presented in the media. We can help you cut through the noise to identify what is important and relevant to your financial needs.

You can rely on our professional skills because we maintain them at a high level

Advice from a skilled adviser can be a very profitable investment because of the great potential to improve tax efficiency, increase government benefits, reduce costs and complexity. Our advisers are trained to a very high level and required to maintain their skill levels with continuous professional development. There is considerable expertise within our group to come up with the best strategies for you.

Your expectations for customer service will be exceeded

The difference between us and our competition is that we don’t have a solution in mind before you walk through the door. We seek to understand your personal values, goals and financial position in great detail before providing any advice.

Once advice is provided we assist you to implement the advice in an efficient manner because the value of good advice is lost when executed by someone unreliable.

We maintain an intimate ongoing relationship with each of our clients so that they get all the care and support they need to achieve what is important to them.

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