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Our Beliefs

Our advice service has been built on the following core beliefs:

Investors want advice that is conflict-free.

Investors also want advice that is independent, impartial, objective but essentially it must be conflict-free. The only way investors can be confident that they are getting such advice is to deal with a financial advising firm that:

  • Has no ownership links with any product manufacturer
  • Receives no payments from any third parties (commissions)
  • Does not charge fees based on how much money the investor has.

There is no crystal ball

Our investment philosophy does not involve forecasting, market timing, stock selecting or investing money with fund managers who believe they can ‘beat the market’.

We believe in a disciplined investment strategy that employs an evidenced based approach that reduces volatility and continues to achieve higher returns than the average investor. We construct portfolios that achieve higher than average returns for our clients by implementing two important investent strategies:

  1. Investing into asset sectors that, based on scientific research, have proven to deliver a return premium which rewards investors for taking higher risks.
  2. Keeping costs such as tax, platform fees, fund manager fees and advice fees as low as possible.

We want to turn the light on

This website is evidence of our how important we believe education is. Warren Buffet once said that “The antidote to risk is knowledge”.We want our clients to be successful so that they refer more clients to us.

For you to be successful you need to stick to game plan (the financial plan that we write for you). To do this, you need to understand the game plan, understand risk and stay disciplined.In periods of economic upheaval, the press thrives on creating drama which leads to many investors feeling like they are lost at sea, unsure of what to do.

If you are educated you will be impervious, ill-formed opions of others and will know how to chart your way through the turbulent waters.

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