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Rule #3: Dont sit in the dark

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“The antidote to risk is knowledge.” So said Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors the world has known. Being left in the dark is dangerous and easily fixed.

Does your current financial planner jealously guard his or her knowledge by speaking ‘financial jibberish’, a language designed to keep you in the dark? After all, if you’re lost without them, then you’re going to keep coming back.

It’s one thing to rely on an adviser’s advice, but playing ‘blind trust’ with your life savings is a dangerous game. What if something goes wrong and you didn’t fully appreciate the risks involved? What if the planner leaves the business and you’re left with a bunch of strategies you don’t really understand.

We at Australian Independent Financial Advisers have specialist knowledge and long experience to help you chart your course through the financial maze. But that doesn’t mean you ought to “simply leave it to the professionals”. You ought to understand:

  • the pro’s and cons of all of your options,
  • the risks of things not working out the way you’d like, and
  • what to do during periods of economic uncertainty.

To do that we walk our clients through a core curriculum of topics we feel you need to have firmly under your belt, so that you understand the pieces on the board, and you see your program of investment through to its successful conclusion.

In periods of economic upheaval when the press is creating drama and most feel like they’re lost at sea and unsure of what to do, you’ll be impervious to the ill-informed opinions of others and will know how to chart your course through turbulent waters.

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