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Below are a range of strategies that we recommend to our clients.

Download the Strategy Brief for each strategy to learn more.


Investing your money into superannuation can reduce the tax that you pay on future earnings, thereby increasing your retirement savings.

Superannuation Strategy Brief

Salary sacrifice to superannuation

By salary sacrificing to superannuation you will pay less income tax, have a larger amount of capital working for you and the tax that you pay on future earnings will be reduced Рresulting in a more prosperous retirement.

Salary sacrifice to superannuation Strategy Brief

Government co-contribution

The Government co-contribution can deliver a return of 150% which is pretty tough to beat.

Government co-contribution Strategy Brief

Spouse super rebate

If your non-working spouse does not qualify for the Government co-contribution, you can qualify for a rebate on contribution made to superannuation.

Spouse super rebate Strategy Brief

Salary sacrifice a bonus to superannuation

Salary sacrificing your bonus to superannuation may leave you feeling that you’ve deferred enjoying the fruits of your labour, but will lead to a helluvalot more fruit.

Salary sacrifice bonus to superannuation Strategy Brief

Offset account

An offset account can help you to pay off your home loan sooner and reduce the amount of tax you pay to the tax man. 

Offset account Strategy Brief

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